Our joint initiative Craft+Design+Society on the ramps of Lakme Fashion Week S/R ’16


The Victoria & Albert Museum in London as part of the India Festival had put up a fantastic collection of “Fabrics of India”. This provided the impetus to look closer at was going on in India and where we stand with our Master Craftsmen and Artisans in 2016. A discussion with the National Institute of Design strengthened our thoughts and we proceeded to formulate what could be done to start of a movement.

The goal of this movement is to make India’s hand crafted textiles as inspiring as any global brand. More awareness about the versatility of our textile crafts seemed necessary; they are hand produced with natural dyes which makes them eco friendly and sustainable alternatives. Though crafts are used, fashion designers need to share the credit with the artisan for the quality and aesthetics that they add in producing the final garment. This recognition and respect for their hours of work and skill will go a long way in preserving the traditions and encourage textile craft practitioners to continue generation after generation the heritage they have inherited from their forefathers.

With this intent Walking Hand-in-Hand was conceived where Fashion Designers collaborate with Artisans and produce a line of garments in a particular craft and walk the ramp together.

Beyond the show, we would like to encourage corporate houses to recognize craft as an area where CSR funds could be spent towards research & documentation of traditions for posterity, improving the working infrastructure of artisans, educational support for the artisan & his next generation, etc. We would like to persuade patronage by the captains of industry for such handcrafted, contemporary designs and products for their corporate gifting and promotion.

Principal Founder: Asif Shaikh

Founders: Archana Shah, Drasty Shah, Gauri Wagenaar, Manjari Nirula, Shilpa Marigold


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