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Femina Gujarat issue – August ‘2013

Femina Gujarat issue - August '2013

Femina Gujarat issue – August ‘2013

Marigold Watches Collection -Kalpavriksha Time-piece

Marigold Watches Collection - Kalpavriksha

Marigold Watches Collection – Kalpavriksha Time -piece

Marigold essence lies in constant changing designs, always remaining ahead of time.

Marigold hereby launches the most rare and innovative timepiece inspired by the kalpavriksha, a mythological, wish fulfilling divine tree, said to fulfill all desires.

Kalpavriksha leaf has been embellished in the dial, the leaf is treated as shrine and this is reflected in art too. In mythology Kalpavriksha was said to be in gold and precious stone similarly this handmade timepiece is crafted in gold and floating diamond  makes it precious and rare. This leaf has been carved as a treasure in the dial.

Adorn your wrist with this timepiece and experience the divinity of Kalpavriksha leaf.

Posses these watch and fulfill all your desires.