Marigold Watches : The Jewellery & Luxury article Feb- March ‘2013

Marigold Watches : The Jewellery & Luxury article Feb- March '2013

Marigold Watches : The Jewellery & Luxury article Feb- March ‘2013

Marigold Watches : With glittering gold and dazzling Diamonds

Ms Shilpa Choksi

Marigold watches flagship with Rohhit Verma’s (Haute Couture) on Linking road, Santacruz (west), Mumbai. Looking at the upcoming season of Valentine & summer, Ms Shilpa used Vibrat colors, Motif’s and still not forgetting Boho style, with her talent and mind blowing experience of the ancient time and keeping in mind the Grand Mughal Era, Ms Shilpa created a very unique Empress and Czar collection with glittering gold and dazzling diamonds. Keeping in mind the Marigold creations evokes a timeless sophistication suitable for passing down through creations.

6 th February’2013,

Marigold Watches, is a watch brand launched in India by Shilpa Choksi in July 2010, whose passion for watches has turned it into a profession. Marigold is one of a kind, time piece creator where the designs are a mélange of tradition and cotemporary designs which truly appeal to the connoisseurs of art. Where the world is rapidly moving we believe in values, tradition and timelessness. It offers you truly one of a kind  experience where your every wish comes true. We want to give you the experience of possessing a bespoke watch, customized to suit your desire. Enter a world of timepieces that are as precious and rare as time itself; where every piece resonates with great craftsmanship and asserts a distinguished personality.Marigold brings to you wristwatches that blend the classic with the ornamental, transforming it into a work of art. Resplendent with traditional Indian motifs and craftsmanship that’s par excellence; these watches are truly an illustration of ‘tradition meets contemporary’ at its best. Like the marigold, each piece is meticulously crafted to become an integral part of every celebration. Adorned with diamonds, precious stone and pure gold, they spell elegance and class like never before. Indeed, it’s time to turn your obsession into a mesmerizing possession.At Marigold, we design timepieces in precious stones, diamonds and 18k gold. We use nothing but the best and the highest quality of diamonds VVS and FGH color and only Swiss ETA movements for the watches Using rare and extinct ammonite shell in the dial, limited edition history collection on Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamen Caesar Queen Cleopatra and innovative shapes of the dial makes MarigoldWatches truly the most deserving innovator of all times.

Shilpa Marigold has been awarded for the following awards:
1 “Outstanding Business Performance Award” in the innovative category by GCCI.
2 “Indian Achiever’s Award for Women Entrepreneur” by Global Achievers Foundation.
3 “India Gold Star Award 2010” with Medal from Intellectual People and Economic Growth Association.
4 “Asia Pacific Gold Star Award” by Global Achievers Foundation.
5 Moreover we have also been nominated by Ernst and Young for leaders of Tomorrow  Awards 2011.
6 Emerging Women Entrepreneur Excellence Award” by SME Chamber of India.
7 Mother Teresa Excellence award by Integrated Council for Socio-Economic Progress.

Made with passion for those who value time. More often, their timepieces.

Marigold caters to connoisseurs who appreciate the exclusivity and panache of owning a custom –made luxury timepiece. Everything we do at Marigold, we believe in doing differently.          –  By Shilpa Choksi Marigold