Mumbai Ficci-flo Power To Empower # karishma kapoor @ House of Marigold Fantastic appreciation.

Come join us at Mumbai’s most exciting Bazaar, which will feature Women Entrepreneurs across India.

House of Marigold Boutique coverage inThe Art Jewellery Magazine.

What is luxury experience? conventional wisdom suggest that luxury experience is achieved by offering the highest quality product with impeccable service in any of the elements that mass brands also offer. these elements are not enough to design luxury experience. this is because luxury experience goes beyond extreme premiumness. the job becomes even tougher when you are a retailer of high end watches. how does a retailer create a unique identity for his store? Anil Prabhakar visits two multi brand watch stores and a mono brand boutique to find out.




Coffee Table Book ” Iconic Jewels of india ” Privilaged to be feature only person from Ahmedabad & on frist page of such a prestigious Coffee table book from Hello TIMES OF INDIA group

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